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In this journal entry, I've decided to list my top 10 favorite anime, my favorite and least favorite characters in those series and my favorite scene. There will be a couple of honorable mentions afterwards.

10. Inuyasha: It has a great story and some incredible characters in Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Inutaisho. It would have been better if the first part of it(before the Final Act) didn't have so many fillers. My favorite character is Sesshomaru and my least is Kouga. My favorite scene in Inuyasha is when Sesshomaru saves Rin from the Underworld. This is the very first time we see Sesshomaru, a normally selfish and cold person, do something selfless for someone who means a little more to him, even giving up Tenseiga for the human child who melted his heart.

9. Fruits Basket: I love the manga more than the anime, but the story and characters really grew on me. My favorite character is Hatsuharu Sohma and my least favorite(s) are Tohru's aunt, uncle and cousin. My favorite scene, or rather, scenes in Fruits Basket are any scene that includes Ayame. They're so hilarious and make you either face palm, bust a gut or both.

8. Ouran High School Host Club: An incredible slice of life anime with a lot of comedy. I enjoyed just about every episode and loved the Hosts. My favorite character(s) are The Hitachiin brothers and my least is the Zuka club. My favorite scene is when Hikaru comforts Haruhi during the thunderstorm. Out of all the characters in Ouran, Hikaru is the most childish and the most selfish, so seeing him get past his jealousy towards Arai and look for Haruhi in the rain and comfort her after is really sweet.

7. Hellsing Ultimate: Much better than the first anime and a true manga adaptation. It may have been short, but the quality more than made up for quanity. My favorite character is, of course, Alucard and my least is that girl who killed Pip Bernadotte. My favorite scene is when Seras becomes a true vampire. An all around badass scene, Seras really shines when she finally becomes a true vampire and kills the chick who killed her captain.

6. Yu Yu Hakusho: It's one of the first anime I got into and has some great action and character development. It's characters are very memorable and its emotional sequences are equally memorable. My favorite character is Hiei and my least is Tarukane. My favorite scene is the talk Genkai and Toguro had before the latter goes to Hell. These two are probably one of my favorite couples in YYH and was sad to see this other side of Toguro, who we didn't know if we liked or hated. If the events with Kairen hadn't happened, then toguro could have been a great teacher to Yusuke and been happy with Genkai.

5. Soul Eater: One of the best shonen anime of all time, seeing as it has been completed. I like it better than the manga since Chrona becomes allied with the DWMA and gets a happy ending. My favorite character is Stein and my least favorite is Medusa. My favorite scene is the battle between Shinigami-sama and Asura. Very badass with a killer soundtrack, we see a previously unknown serious side to Shinigami-sama and how much ass he kicks. The same can be said for Asura, who is one of my favorite characters; him being voiced by Greed from FMA really helps.

4. Bleach: I was one a Bleach tirade for a few years, loving the idea and most of the episodes. Plus, there are some great fanfiction of bleach out there. My favorite character is Tensa Zangetsu and my least is Kouga Kuchiki. My favorite scene is the inner world farewell between Ichigo and the fused Tensa Zangetsu. This really showed how much Tensa cared for Ichigo and the lengths he will go to keep him safe, even if it meant sacrificing his existence. Probably the saddest moment in the series, in my opinion.

3. This one is a tie between Elfen Lied and Higurashi no naku koro ni/kai: Two of the best horror anime of all time.
For Higurashi- the story, the characters, the opening and the soundtrack are all top notch and kept me on my toes the whole time. My favorite character is Rena Ryuugu and my least favorite is Teppei Houjo. My favorite scene here is the battle between Keiichi and Rena. Higurashi isn't really an action based anime, but they did really well in the battle between these two characters. Actually, if you hadn't watched the second season, then we all would think this would be the "happy ending". Boy, were a lot of us terribly wrong in this regard.
For Elfen Lied- the diclonius themselves and the story in the manga were all awesome. The manga is definitely better than the anime, but Lilium is something I loved from the anime. My favorite character is Kaede and my least favorite is Director Kakuzawa. The romance scene/flashback scene at the end of the anime was my favorite in the anime. Lilium playing in the background really accentuated it.

2. Dragon ball Z: Looking back, DBZ was the first serious anime I was introduced to and I watched Dragonball at the same time. It brings back so many memories of my childhood and I still love it today. My favorite character is Gohan(preteen) and my least favorite is Hercule Satan. Gohan becoming a super saiyan 2 for the first time is my favorite in Dragonball Z. This is the moment all of us DBZ fans were waiting for, the day that Gohan surpasses his father and becomes his own hero. Tamashii vs Tamashii playing in the Japanese version only made it more epic, though the English dub scream was a lot better in my opinion.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist(2003): I know many people love Brotherhood for sticking close to the manga, but the first anime is really the masterpiece it deserves. The acting, the characters and the soundtrack, as well as the story, always stick to me and definitely deserves the spot as my number one anime. My favorite character is Izumi Curtis and my least is Shou Tucker. Favorite scene- When Al sacrifices himself for Ed and vice versa. This is probably the most powerful scene of FMA, when the brothers make the ultimate sacrifice for each other and, in the end, separated. The scene at the Gate was incredibly emotional, especially with Wakare no Kyoku(piano solo) playing in the background.

Honorable mentions:

Gunslinger girl- A darker anime with little cyborg girl assassins and a pretty good soundtrack.

Anohana: the flower we saw that day- a realistic anime about moving on from your past mistakes and guilt. My favorite scene has to be the final one between everyone and Menma. One of the saddest scenes I have ever seen.

So, what are your thoughts and what is your list? Comment below, let me know!

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